Final Fantasy 14: A Realm Reborn may not be released for a good while, but it's good to see new tidbits of info and trailers coming out that tease what we'll see in the revamped massively-multiplayer online role-playing game. The very latest trailer for the game shows off the magitek armor from Final Fantasy 6!

Feast your Final Fantasy-lovin' eyes on the new trailer and look upon the magitek armor with joy! Well, you'll actually have to wait a while in the trailer to check out the armor, since it takes 30 whole seconds of staring at the game's logo to get to actual footage of the bipedal mechs.

But once you do see the magitek armor in motion, you might agree that this callback to Final Fantasy 6 is an awesome addition and will make the eventual release of the much-maligned MMORPG worth it in the end. Maybe.

Let us know your thoughts on the magitek armor and tell us how long you stared at the logo before skipping ahead to around the 37-second mark to see it!