Eating cake is one of the greatest things in life and Fun Bits knows it, but it also knows that eating too much turns you into a fat, Bitter Queen.

Fun Bits is at it again with another Fat Princess game and this time there's more content than ever. In Fat Princess Adventures, you will still be hard at work battling against the Bitter Queen and her army of Gobblings, but you will have a new arsenal to fight with, including new weapons, spells, armor, and accessories. You'll also get a super Awesome Sauce ability that lets you eat all the cake you want in order to do some "earth-shaking destruction." While you'll still have to save the princesses just like in the last game, this time you will also get the added bonus of having them fight alongside you.

This co-op hack 'n' slash game will be out for the PlayStation 4 sometime in 2015. Fun Bits has got to bake their cakes just right.