The latest entry in the hit island survival/insanity/forest fire simulation series, Far Cry 4, arrives soon, and with it comes a launch trailer featuring everything you could ever hope for in a launch trailer. Gameplay mechanics! Weapons! Rideable elephants!

As Far Cry 4's gloved protagonist, you've returned to the tumultuous island you were born on to scatter your departed mother's ashes as per her final request. Unfortunately, this place is anything but Gilligan's Island— it's a freaking war zone. There's a whole slew of vicious warlords and soldiers terrorizing the locals, and, as usual, bloodthirsty island animals. Fortunately, you're a bit of a one-man army, and have access to a massive arsenal of weapons, a variety of air, land, and sea vehicles, and several branching skill paths customized to fit your playstyle, all of which add up to ensuring your island stay is a pleasant one.

Though Far Cry 1 and 2 have their fans, it wasn't until Far Cry 3 came along that most fans believe the series really hit its stride, earning huge critical and financial success. Far Cry 4 looks to keep the awesome legacy of 3 alive when it arrives Nov. 18 on PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, and PC.