Just like it did with the glitch-filled launch of Assassin's Creed Unity, Ubisoft is addressing a lot of problems with its latest game, Far Cry 4.

Ubisoft announced that it addressed numerous issues that players are reporting with Far Cry 4 and is asking players for more information on their woes. The first of four major problems has already been fixed with Far Cry 4's day one patch. Ubisoft wants to remind players that if they haven't yet downloaded it, this patch can fix some of their gameplay, performance, and connectivity problems.

The second issue is with PC crashes. While Ubisoft has been able to reproduce a frequent crash that leads to a blank screen for PC players, it's still investigating the reasoning behind the glitch. Ubisoft believes it "may be the result of the presence of certain peripherals that are causing conflicts" and is still looking to solve the problem.

Some PS3 consoles are apparently popping up an error message that states that their "Game Data is corrupt" and suggests that players should "Please delete FC3 game data." For this fix, Ubisoft is looking to players for more information. Some players seem to have previously played Far Cry 3 on their consoles, but some have not, which is why Ubisoft's team is wondering if this error is linked to having save data from the previous Far Cry games.

The final issue that Ubisoft is investigating is "pre-order code redemption." When players pre-ordered the game, they were supposed to get a code for the "Blood Ruby" bonus mission emailed to them. While some players have not received this email at all, others are reporting that they did receive the email but their code was invalid.

Stay tuned as we'll provide up-to-date coverage on these issues once Ubisoft announces more updates. If you have any issues that are not listed above, we suggest creating a ticket on Ubi's support site.