The tyrannical dictator Pagan Min has a soft spot for people with manners.

The provided video features spoilers for Far Cry 4 as well as NSFW language.

YouTuber Beni Füri has posted a video featuring a massive Easter egg found during the introductory sequences of Far Cry 4. This secret actually turns out to be a hidden ending to the game where your character, Ajay Ghale, actually teams up with Pagan Min in the end. During the game's cinematic intro, Ajay is caught on a bus trying to get into the country of Kyrat. As Kyrat soldiers found rebels on the bus, most of the passengers were killed. After arriving via helicopter, Pagan Min was surprised to see Ajay, who is the son of two rebellion leaders who inadvertently helped pave the way to him becoming the country's dictator..

Pagan Min then brings his bodyguard, Ajay and one of the rebel leaders (still alive from the bus) to his palace for lunch. After taking the rebel downstairs to be tortured, Ajay is left alone to explore the palace, make an escape and start his adventure. That's if you're inpatient.

After waiting about 13 minutes at the table, Pagan Min returns, surprised at your manners for waiting around while he was gone. He then invites you for a helicopter ride. Pagan Min tells Ajay about the relationship he had with his mother, Ishwari . Ajay's father, Mohan, was the "Protector of the Golden Path," who allegedly sent his wife to Pagan Min to spy on him. What he didn't expect was that they fell in love and had a child. Min claims that baby Ajay and his mother were ran out of Kyrat by her father, and Mohan killed the baby Pagan Min and Ishwari had together. Ajay gets to put the ashes of his mother next to the ashes of his baby half-sister, Lakshmana. The two return to the helicopter and Min says that it's time to shoot some guns (insinuating that they're going rebel-hunting together and hinting for you to go back and restart the game to actually play), leading into the credits. We always wondered what would happen if you simply played by Pagan Min's rules.

Far Cry 4 launches on Nov. 18 for PC, Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4.