Marvel Entertainment's great iOS action title, Avengers Initiative, is finally starting to assemble a proper roster of super heroes. Up until now, the game only had The Hulk as its one playable character. Now another hero has joined the fight.

The team is taking shape as America's Super Soldier has joint the fight against evil and injustice. That's right, Steve Rogers, better known as Captain America, is now playable! And man, does he kick some American butt.

In addition to Cap, the new update lets you fight aboard the Hydracarrier against Hydra War Drones, the Skrull, Hydra Brutes, and the Taskmaster himself. There are also some new Hulk costumes, in addition to multiple costumes for everyone's favorite Sentinel of Liberty.

If you've been waiting to check out this great game, now's the time to get on it. Strike while the shield is hot, man! The new update is available right now for both iPhone and iPad.

Also be sure to check out the trailer and some more screenshots below: