A few days ago, Konami ordered the cancellation of the fan-made remake of 1987’s Metal Gear. Today, the project’s lead spoke with Siliconera about the cancellation.

Metal Gear Remake Project Lead, Ian Ratcliffe, was unable to offer much insight as to why Konami shut down the remake. Konami originally approved the project as Ratcliffe's team went to work.

“There was no real explanation. From what I understand, Konami has been undecided for a while, with some people in favor and others against the game," Ratcliffe said.

According to Metal Gear Informer, Konami cancelled the project because it couldn't settle on a final agreement towards the game’s release. Konami’s early approval of the project makes its sudden cancellation order somewhat baffling.

“I was told that if we ever had other ideas that [Konami would] be happy to help us out, that was all, so you can interpret that in many ways,” Ratcliffe added.

Built as a mod for the PC game Alien Swarm, the Metal Gear remake was in the process of being transferred from Valve’s Source Engine to the Unreal Engine 4 when Konami decided to pull the plug on it. While the publisher originally gave the team its blessing back in June, they have apparently reconsidered, and have squashed the game’s production.

While it’s somewhat disappointing that we’ll never see this fan-made Metal Gear remake, Konami’s cancellation of the project may indicate that the publisher is looking to make one of their own. We’re sure that Outer Haven’s version would have been a great mod, but hopefully Konami can provide us with their own updated, standalone version of the 27-year old classic.

Doesn't matter if it's a refurbished ride or a new one, riding in a Metal Gear is still riding in a Metal Gear.