We all recognized Ron Perlman saying his infamous words heralding the nuclear apocalypse, now it's time to reveal the lead voices of Fallout 4.

IGN reports that the voice actors for Fallout 4's male and female protagonists have been revealed by the game's lead writer and designer, Emil Pagliarulo. Pagliarulo is known for being both the lead designer and lead writer for Fallout 3, which earned him a Best Writing Award at the 2008 GDC Awards. He's also known for writing the Skyrim story. He posted a picture on his Twitter from E3 2015, which features him alongside Brian T. Delaney and Courtenay Taylor, revealing that they will voice the male and female versions of the new wanderer from Vault 111.

Video game fans should recognize Courtenay Taylor for being the voice of Jack in the Mass Effect series. She also was Juhani in Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic and Ada Wong in Resident Evil 6. Taylor did a few voices throughout Fallout: New Vegas as wellWorld of Warcraft fans should recognize Brian T. Delaney as one of the Orc Male voices and his portrayal of the Sha of Pride in the last expansion. You'll be hearing him soon in Mighty No. 9 as Battalion, Mighty No. 5. Both Taylor and Delaney have a ton of experience when it comes to voice acting, and we're glad to see them take the spotlight in such an anticipated, blockbuster title.

Fallout 4 will launch on Nov. 10 for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, but good luck trying to score one of its Pip-Boy Collector's Editions.