There's no time for Power Armor when you can save the ruins of Washington DC in record time with this amazing Fallout 3 speedrun.

According to Kotaku, the speedrunning Vault-dweller BubblesDelFuego has saved the Capital Wasteland in record-breaking time. Fuego has beaten Fallout 3 in 23:55, beating the previous record holder of 24:20. He skipped all of the Wanderer's dialogue and used load clipping (moving and clipping through objects as the game is loading) in order to get through the capital as fast as he could.

This is course is helped by Fallout 3's leveling system. Most of the monsters of the Wastelands scale in level to that of your character. He literally ran through hundreds of insane situations where the character should have died, but kept on moving. It doesn't matter if he was fighting Outcasts in Power Armor or the towering super mutants, the Wanderer just kept running and refilled his health whenever needed. We'd love to see one done for Fallout: New Vegas, but we have a feeling the glitches would cripple the speedrun.