We get to see firsthand how Lionhead Studios is trying to revamp the Fable series in the next-gen format.

Based on this newest behind-the-scenes video, we now know that Fable Legends unites the series signature brand of humor, adventure, open-world gameplay and next-gen graphics. It offers both single player and co-op gameplay, supporting up to three friends (which would be AI-controlled in single player mode) for its pasty. Quests and missions revolve around your hero's party taking on a particular villain, and Legends offers players the ability to play as the villain.

Villains can set traps, place enemies and do all sorts of Machiavellian scheming in order to thwart the heroes' party. Much like the celebrities voice work used in the previous Fable titles (such as Simon Pegg and Michael Fassbender), we can expect more top, British celebrity voices in Fable Legends.

While Fable Legends' release date has yet to be announced, it is confirmed to be released exclusively on the Xbox One.