If your goal in life is to gang up on a monster with three of your friends and shoot the heck out of it, then Evolve is the game for you. If you're the one person your friends would trust with their life, then Cabot is the the leader for you.

Cabot is the newest, and last, revealed support Hunter that will be coming out with Evolve in Feb. 2015. The Hunter's three moves all work to reveal and destroy the monsters his team is chasing after.

The first is called The Damage Amplifier and helps his team in extreme damage output. Cabot's weapon locks on a target and weakens its armor and hide. From then on, all damage done to the target is doubled. The one downfall is that this skill uses ammo which means you have to reload often.

Cabot's next move is called Radioactive Dust Tagging and helps his team follow where the monster is moving. When Cabot sends out the command, the Laurie-Anne, his ship, drops some radioactive dust that highlights everything in a 60-meter area of effect radius. It stays this way for twenty seconds. This means that if the monster is in the dust's area, everyone knows exactly where he'll be for the next 20 seconds.

Finally, The Rail Cannon is Cabot's last move in the form of a hugely powerful weapon. This weapon gives the support hunter a distinct advantage against everyone else -- it can shoot through solid rock. If Cabot maintains a clear line of sight, he can just keep shooting the crap out of the monster. If he doesn't, "the cannon's projectile bursts into a cone 40 meters long." Anything hit takes damage.

If you want to see Cabot in action you can check out the video posted above or stay tuned to Evolve's live stream on Friday at 3PM PST.