Turtle Rock Studios just unleashed all kinds of Kraken action on us in this new interactive trailer for Evolve.

Because it's an interactive trailer, you can press the icons on bar on the bottom of the screen in order to switch perspectives between the four Hunters and even the Kraken itself.

It's interesting to see the differing scales between the Hunter and Monster views, as the Kraken really does tower above the Hunters without seeming too overpowered. The action is frantic, confusing at times and results in plenty of projectiles and powers being shot around the entire place.

There's also commentary in the trailer, provided by Dave "DBSinclair" Blank and Justin "J-Party" Sousa, if you'd like to hear more than the screams of the Hunters and the shrieks of the Kraken.

Evolve will arrive on the PC, PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One on Feb. 10, 2015. Pre-order it now to get the Monster Expansion Pack for free and to get access to the Alpha.