We get to see Turtle Rock Studios' new Hunters and Behemoth Monster fight in the arena during Evolve's latest gameplay trailer.

Turtle Rock Studios has released a new gameplay trailer that not only shows off Evolve's rock-solid new monster, the Behemoth, but also the four new Hunters that will be making their debut in the game in just a few short days. If you're completely clueless about what Behemoth and these four new Hunters will bring to the game, you can check out the trailer above and read on.

The Behemoth lives up to its namesake as a huge, hulking rock monster who can turn into a huge, hulking rock ball that rolls around the map at super speed. When he does decide to come out of his rock ball form, he's known for grabbing people with his harpoon-like tongue to bring Hunters into his attack range. He can also hurl lava bombs at his opponents or create rock walls to shield himself. His final move not only deals damage in a straight line in front of him, but also stuns his targets for even more effective crowd control. The amount of health and armor Behemoth has really helps him since he is so massive that he cannot jump or leap.

There will also be four new hunters to add to your list to master: Torvald the Cyborg, Crow the Trapper, Slim the Medic and Sunny the Support. You can learn more about each of the hunters on Evolve's official website.

For now, it's a waiting game until Evolve's Behemoth monster and the four new Hunters debut on March 31 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

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