Turtle Rock Studios has been rapidly growing new content for its asymmetrical shooter, Evolve, since its release last month.

Turtle Rock Studios and 2K have announced that Evolve will be gaining a whole slew of new content soon, including a fourth playable monster and four new Hunters. The Behemoth will be barging into the battlefield in all his tanky glory. This monster becomes a humongous boulder before your eyes and rolls around the environment for quicker travel. There will also be four new Hunters appearing in this content. There will be Torvald on Assault, Crow as a Trapper, Slim heading up the Medic team and Sunny as a new Support character. These new Hunters will, as always, come with their own special weapons, equipment and abilities. Turtle Rock has also come up with two completely new maps for players to duke it out on. These two maps will be completely free to Evolve owners, which is a nice break from all the other things that you'll want to buy (such as the new Hunters and Monster)

Another cool and free thing that will be coming with all this new downloadable content is Observer Mode. Observer Mode, as I'm sure you can tell by the name, allows players to watch matches casually, but the cool part about it is they will also be able to add commentary to these matches and you can play around with the cameras and viewpoints in multiple ways.

All of this cool new content for Evolve will be available on March 31st to download. You can also check out screenshots below while you wait for it all to launch. The Behemoth is free for those who pre-ordered Evolve at participating retailers and is part of the Monster Expansion Pack, which costs $14.99 on its own. The four new Hunters cost $7.49 apiece and are included with the Evolve Hunting Season Pass, which costs $24.99.

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