The wild, asymmetrical safari of Evolve has started, and Turtle Rock Studios has released a new trailer to let us know that the hunt is on.

This new trailer for Evolve gives us a crash course in its 4v1 multiplayer matches. We get to see all of the monster types as well as all of the hunter classes. The Assault class is all about damage dealing. The Trapper is about confinement and keeping tabs on the monster's location. The Support class can deploy turrets, cloak the group and use drones. The Medic obviously heals, but also uses sniper rifles to promote staying behind the front lines.

In terms of monsters, the Golliath fights like the incredible Hulk, but is surprisingly agile. It can also breath fire. The Kraken can fly while attacking with its tentacles and its ability to discharge lightning. The Wraith is a trickster-type of beast -- she flies, teleports and uses supernatural abilities to try her opponents. The upcoming Behemoth DLC monster is even more grounded than the Goliath -- it can't even jump and is stuck to a heavy, ground-based offensive with a ton of defense.

Evolve is out now for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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