Just ahead of launch, Turtle Rock Studios has announced Evolve's day-one patch, and just what the 3GB update will bring to the table.

Turtle Rock Studios is reporting on its website that it will be rolling out a pretty big day-one patch for its upcoming cooperative shooter, Evolve. It will be about 3GB and contain a bunch of improvements based on the pre-release testing that was done recently. There will not only be balancing tweaks to hunters and monsters, but also game and level-loading optimizations and general bug fixes. This will address system performance which include matchmaking, network bandwidth optimizations and much more as well as a bunch of little things that the fans playing the game have found as glitches. It will also be reworking the Elite skins for the Hunters and Monsters based on fan feedback and will be implementing these changes into this patch. Finally, it is urging fans not to forget about its Match-3 mobile game that will help players earn experience in Evolve.

So, bottom line, don't forget to download the Day-One patch when the game comes out tomorrow, Feb. 10 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

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