Jack joins Lennox as the newest hunters added to Evolve, the FPS done by the Left 4 Dead creators at Turtle Rock Studios.

Earlier this summer, Turtle Rock Studios announced that they were following the likes of Killer Instinct and adding a second season of DLC to its first-person safari, Evolve. Turtle Rock is releasing a slew of free upgrades to the game as well as premium ones in the form of season two. Season Two will include four new hunters, five exclusive skins and a new monster. Priced at $24.99, you're also going to get a discount for the game's previous content, making individual monsters cost $10 a pop and individual hunters costing $5. After buying the season two pass, you can get the season one hunting pass for $14.99, which includes a bonus skin for each hunter. The first hunter added in season two earlier this summer is the robotic suit-wearing assault character, Lennox. The Thunderchild suit of Lennox has a plasma lance, a rapid-fire cannon and all kinds of mechanized goodies used for slaying beasts while you're big-game hunting.

Starting on Aug. 11, Evolve's Hunt 2.0 upgrade will add a free Arena Mode map as well as various enhancements and balances to the overall game. Also debuting on this day is Jack, the pistol-wielding trapper. Jack, also known as the Jackal, makes all kinds of zany, Deadpool-esque comments during gameplay and randomly changes his voice to a Batman impression. Either way, I'm sure Turtle Rock will make him a well-rounded addition to this roster of hunters.

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