Turtle Rock Studios has released a new trailer for their upcoming 4-vs-1 shooter, Evolve, giving us our first look at a gameplay session involving the Kraken.

Evolve’s main hook is that it's an asymmetrical multiplayer, which pits up to four human hunters against a single, powerful monster, with each person controlling either a hunter or the creature. The trailer provides a good look at this unique dynamic, giving us views from the perspective of both the hunters and the monster.

This new Kraken monster can be seen flying around the level, killing smaller creature to ‘evolve’ into a stronger form by entering a brief cocoon phase, leaving the creature vulnerable. We see the Kraken eventually reach its third and strongest form, adding a new ability called Vortex.

As the Kraken was feasting, the hunters dealt with smaller wildlife creatures as they hunt the big beastie across the new Distillery map. The compact map features narrow passageways, dynamic snowstorms, secret waterfall passageways and tons of verticality. When the hunters finally catch up to the fully-powered Kraken, the final battle begins. The hunters throw down a trap which keeps the Kraken inside a small area, limiting the battlefield and focusing the action. Just watch the video and see who wins, the hunters or the beast.

Evolve is set for a February 10, 2015 release, but Xbox One players will have an opportunity to play the game early through a console-exclusive beta, which begins in January.