The house that helped bring us the likes of Counter-Strike and Left 4 Dead has unveiled an amazing trailer where we can openly switch the viewpoints between Evolve's 4 character classes and its constantly-evolving monster.

Turtle Rock Studios' amazing 4v1 interactive trailer shows off an entire match of Evolve where viewers can check out the perspectives of the Assault, Support, Trapper and Medic classes, along with the viewpoint of the Goliath Monster. There is also an additional channel that switches between all five perspectives while featuring commentary from Turtle Rock's co-founder Aaron Chambers and design director Chris Ashton.

We were really scared when Evolve was caught in THQ limbo after the company went bankrupt in 2012. Luckily, Take-Two Interactive came to save the day so that Turtle Rock could continue to develop this first-person shooter with such an amazing concept.

As we can see in the trailer, every class plays quite different from the other. More importantly, the Goliath Monster truly feels like it is a match for the group on its own. Evolve's match concept is simple: a massive creature is on the run and stalks the indigenous wildlife of the area while a group of four hunters must stay together, track it down, isolate it and kill it. The monster looks to be the most fun to play -- as it proves to be an apex predator that gets stronger after every hunt. Each of the hunters feel different as well. The Medic acts as a sniper to promote staying afar while still helping with combat. The Trapper can track the creature's footprints and detect seismic vibrations in the ground to help communicate the monster's location. The Support class can shoot harpoons and hold the creature in place while the Assault character can let loose the heavy artillery.

Be prepared to be the hunter (it's all just a matter of perspective, isn't it?) when Evolve launches this fall for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.