At the Xbox Gamescom 2014 press conference, Turtle Rock Studios announced that an open beta for its upcoming 4v1 shooter game, Evolve, will be coming exclusively to Xbox One in January.

In addition, exclusive downloadable content will be coming first to Xbox One, adding Evolve to the growing list of games premiering DLC on one console before the other. Evolve is hardly the first game to offer exclusive content to a specific console, and the rest of Microsoft's press conference featured plenty of other big reveals. At least now Xbox One owners can brag about an exclusive beta that PlayStation owners won't see.

Evolve is shaping up to be quite an interesting shooter, regardless of what platform you choose to play on. Our time with the game on multiple occasions had us eager to get our hands on Evolve this year, but we're not all that upset that we'll be waiting until February to really dig in.