After a staggering amount of views of The International, the world championships for Dota 2, ESPN is considering to expand its eSports coverage.

Daily Dot reports that ESPN might be broadening its eSports broadcasts, according to a source close to the sports channel. The International tournament's views were extremely high this year due to having its staggering prize pool of over $11 million. The tournament was broadcast through ESPN 3 and there was also a documentary about Dota 2 and the event on ESPN 2.

"ESPN have seen enough recent successes with eSports and are about to double down. The numbers they hit with The International have only cemented the view that the time is right," the source told Daily Dot.

Surprisingly, Xbox systems were the top viewing platforms for the event, which is surprisingly considering Dota 2 is only playable on PC. ESPN recently covered Major League Gaming's Call of Duty event at Austin's X Games this past June.

“They are in advanced talks to bring that product to both ESPN web properties as well as their TV stations, and they are in the preliminary stages of looking at other games,” the source added.

Until concrete numbers are provided in terms of viewership via ESPN, we may never know whether or not the company may decide to broaden its eSports coverage until it makes a formal announcement.

According an update, ESPN contacted Daily Dot and provided the following statement:

"ESPN3 has carried similar events in the past, including MLG and EA. We recognized The International as an opportunity to deliver a championship event, but have not committed to any other eSports coverage at this time."