'Escape from Tarkov' boss Nikita Buyanov has clarified how microtransations will work in the game.

After the first-person-shooter, which is developed by Battlestate Games, received its latest 14.1 update, players were constantly reminded that extra lines in their stash will be available to purchase at a later date.

Now, the Battlestate COO has explained how the microtransactions will be implemented into the title.

In a Reddit post, he wrote: "So, the thing is that we want to add purchasable options for EFT players cause:

"We removed EOD version and some of the EOD features need to go back (offline coop for example).

"The game is running for 8 years without any additional flow (you just buy and play it forever - and it’s pretty unique situation for a game such as EFT).

"In the upcoming patches we want to add:

"Stash expansions for every version available (up to 28 additional lines of stash space)

"Clothing early unlock, ability to play offline coop (EOD feature)

"There will no ingame money, items, weapons, gear package purchases and so on. No boosters also.

"Also about stash expansions - later you will also have an option to earn that lines in the game too without spending any money.

"Tell us, what do you think. Thanks! (sic)"

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