We get a first look at Unreal Tournament's Team Deathmatch in this new video narrated by the team at Epic Games.

Epic Games' gameplay programmer Joe Wilcox, senior designer Jim Brown and lead level designer David Spalinski get together and showoff just how great Unreal Tournament is shaping up to be with the return of the series' infamous Team Deathmatch game mode. This new video gives us a behind the scenes look at Epic Games, letting us see the very first prototype gameplay footage the studio did for for the game, where it featured just a single player shooting a shock rifle in a black and white room littered with a few boxes.

The video featured Epic Games' crew playing a game on a closed server with some pretty bland backgrounds but with some impressive guns and gameplay. Much akin to the likes of Quake III, Unreal Tournament's battles are fast-paced and filled with all sorts of explosions and crazy projectiles.

While no release date has been set, Unreal Tournament will be free-to-play on PC and anyone can openly contribute to the game's content.

Did Unreal Tournament get its gun noises right? Because we certainly did.