Though Warren Spector hoped to continue telling stories in the Epic Mickey universe, the disappointing U.S. sales of the Epic Mickey 2 may put that idea in jeopardy.

In a new article in the LA Times discussing Disney Interactive's newest gaming venture Disney Infinity, the paper reveals the staggeringly low sales for the follow-up to 2010's Epic Mickey. According to an anonymous NPD representative, Epic Mickey 2 was only able to muster about one-fifth the sales of the original's 1.3 million copies sold during the same timeframe. At that time, the game was only available on the Nintendo Wii, but the sequel was available across multiple platforms when it released last November.

It's sad to see Epic Mickey 2 couldn't even be helped by the move to more consoles, and with Disney's focus now on Infinity, it's unlikely we'll see another Epic Mickey game. That said, it certainly isn't outside the realm of possibility that Epic Mickey might appear in Infinity, but for now, Warren Spector may want to retreat to the drawing board for a new idea.