Marvel's Iron Man 3 blew the roof of the box office this past weekend, cashing in with an opening weekend of nearly $175 million. Only Marvel's The Avengers was better, and now the comic publisher owns the top two opening weekends of all time. We got swept up in all the Iron hype, and went a little crazy at the Lego store this weekend. Lucky for you, we're such nice guys, and we'll be giving away a handful Iron Man 3 Lego sets.

In conjunction with our sister sites ScreenCrush and GuySpeed, we'll be offering up three different Lego sets based on Iron Man 3. One lucky winner will walk away with a ton of bricks, and be able to recreate some of Iron Man 3's most memorable battles.

Included in the prize are the Lego Marvel Super Heroes Iron Man vs. The Mandarain Ultimate Showdown, Lego Marvel Super Heroes Iron Man Malibu Mansion Attack, and Lego Marvel Super Heroes Iron Man Extremis Seaport Battle. Each set includes exclusive figures like Tony Stark, Pepper in the Iron Man suit, War Machine, and the Mandarin.

We've got a few different ways for you to win, and all you have to do is check out the widget below to enter. The contest runs until 11:59 PM on May 20th, 2013. After you enter, be sure to check out ScreenCrush for more Iron Man 3 news, and GuySpeed for all the latest sports news and pretty ladies.