Gameloft's upcoming game for Iron Man 3 will rocket onto iOS and Android on April 25th, right in time for the big movie that will kick off the blockbuster season this summer. Click through to check out the first teaser trailer for the new game.

This Iron Man mobile game will be in the style of the now ubiquitous endless-runner genre. Naturally, Iron Man's version of this genre will have a little more to do with his turbo boosters, but you get the idea.

The trailer shows Iron Man blasting trough different locations, in hot pursuit of something. Since that ring-wearing dandy The Mandarin is slated to be the villain in the new movie, we're assuming that's who Iron Man is chasing after in this new game. As you endlessly rocket through this game, you will be using all of Iron Man's arsenal to shoot your way though any bad guys dumb enough to get in your way.

Check out the trailer below: