Today on the Sony Blog, developer White Paper Games announced that they are bringing their unique first-person adventure title, Ether One, to the PlayStation 4.

Rather than just directly porting the PC version of Ether One to the PS4, White Paper Games is rebuilding it from scratch on the Unreal 4 Engine, which should improve the game’s visuals and controls.

Ether One is a Develop Award-nominated first-person adventure game that deals with the fragility of human minds. Inspired by the struggles several of the team’s family members faced with dementia, Ether One puts the player in the role of a Restorer, tasked with entering the minds of the mentally ill and finding the broken fragments of their memories to restore and heal them. While the game can be played as a straight adventure game, akin to Gone Home, players can also choose to solve complex puzzles along the way, resulting in a deeper, more expository narrative.

This announcement only mentions the PlayStation 4 version of Ether One, but never states that is a PS4 exclusive, indicating that an Xbox One version may also be in the works. A console release will put this non-traditional, emotionally driven game in front of a lot more eyeballs, and bring it some well-deserved attention.