The latest trailer of Nvius' MMORPG, Echo of Soul, showcases the game's Stormguard and Earthguard classes.

Echo of Soul is the newest MMORPG to break onto the scene and it's doing so with a bunch of trailers that explain everything you need to know about it. This week's trailer covers everything you ever wanted to know about its Guardian classes. To start out with, you can either play as a Stormguard or an Earthguard.

For the Stormguard, your main strength will be area-of-effect damage and you will be able to use the power of thunder to take down multiple foes at once. Your signature trait will be defense-piercing attacks that will definitely do a lot to help you out in battle. On the other hand, Earthguards' party strength is as a secondary defender who can easily hold off hordes of monsters while your team focuses on others. Think of this one like a secondary tank. As an Earthguard, your signature trait will be earth-splitting attacks that will hold off enemies with AOE crowd control abilities.

You can check out some of the gameplay for both classes of Guardians in the trailer above and look out for new trailers that will release on the different classes. In all, Echo of Soul has five different classes: the Guardian, Archer, Rogue, Warrior and Sorceress. We have a feeling we'll be hearing about another class soon.

Echo of Soul is currently in a closed beta phase, which PC gamers can sign up for here.