Ecco the Dolphin

Remember Ecco the Dolphin? Anyone who had a SEGA Genesis back in the day had a copy of this game. For a brief time in the mid '90s, Ecco was on par with Flipper. A name brand dolphin! But since then, he's been swimming in some deep waters and we haven't heard much from the little guy. Until now.

Creator Ed Annunziata and the original creative team behind Ecco the Dolphin have turned to Kickstarter, like so many other game developers these days, looking for $665,000 to fund a new Ecco game called The Big Blue.

In The Big Blue, Annunziata wants to give players the opportunity to view life below the surface, looking at and interacting with the unbelievable amount of life in the ocean. The new game will have you exploring, solving puzzles, discovering new life forms and completing quests. But according to Annunziata, the new game won't be a direct sequel to the Ecco series:

[The Big Blue] is the next evolutionary step in underwater adventure games. We want to make something epic. Something with smooth game controls, deep backstory, emphasis on exploration and artificial life.

The project on Kickstarter rangers from tiers at $10 all the way up to $10,000. The project has just got off the ground, but is already close to 100 backers as of this writing. With over a month to go and no shortage of people who fondly remember playing Ecco on their SEGA systems back in the day, we think this new project should have no trouble funding itself.

If it is indeed successful, Annunziata aims to release the game in April 2014 for iOS, Android, Windows PCs and Mac.

Check out the Kickstarter video below: