EA Sports is seeking to create the "world’s biggest football community through 'EA Sports FC'".

The much-hyped new title has already proven to be hugely popular with gamers, and EA Sports president Cam Weber has insisted that the tech company is "just getting started".

Cam said in a statement: "‘We’re thrilled to have so many fans jumping into The World’s Game in both EA Sports FC 24 and FC Mobile in just the first few days since launch.

"In addition to welcoming back millions of our long-time players, new players in 'FC 24' are up nearly 20 percent year over year, showing the excitement of football fans everywhere to join the Club. We are building the world’s biggest football community through 'EA Sports FC', and we’re just getting started."

'EA Sports FC 24' has already attracted more gamers than 'FIFA 23' over the same timeframe.

Meanwhile, Marc Aubanel - who was a producer on the 'FIFA' games in the 90s - has revealed that EA actually considered dropping the 'FIFA' title long before it did.

He told Time Extension: "We knew we were doing way more for FIFA than they were doing for us from a branding standpoint.

"So we were in discussions about dropping them decades before EA finally dropped them. The only reason they didn’t was because marketing was petrified about losing that brand awareness."

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