EA presented a developer's video for the prequel to Mirror's Edge at E3 today, giving us our first look at one of E3's most anticipated games.

The beginning of the video shows how developer Digital Illusions worked with parkour experts to make Faith traverse her environment in a natural, exciting way. The developers then explain how they updated Faith's design while staying true to her iconic aesthetic, and discuss several design elements before showing us early prototype footage of both parkour and combat.

Promising a more accessible game than its predecessor, Digital Illusions explained how multiple paths will give players different choices as to how they get from point A to point B, with more skilled players taking faster, more difficult routes. A broader moveset will open up the city, as well, with Faith now able to perform a larger variety of free-running techniques.

While the footage is very early, with limited textures and no visual flourishes, it's apparent that the aesthetic that made Mirror's Edge so intriguing is well-preserved, helping to keep the tone of the prequel in the same universe as the original. EA still hasn't given us a name for the prequel, but we're excited for it, whatever it's called.

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