Be prepared to see at least six new games from EA at E3 next month, with Star Wars: Battlefront being one of them.

According to Eurogamer, Spike TV's Geoff Keighley has Tweeted about EA's presence at the Electronic Entertainment Expo, teasing that the publisher will have an hour-long press conference while unveiling six new titles. EA confirmed that their press conference will begin at noon PST on June 9, which is surprisingly the day before the expo starts.

Andrew Wilson, the CEO of EA, confirmed in a company financial call that DICE's Star Wars: Battlefront reboot will be one of the games to be revealed at E3. Wilson also teased an unannounced game that EA is sure to be a major contender during Q4 of 2014.

"If you don't have a Battlefield in a year, you've got a hole there that you have to fill," Wilson said. "The way we're filling that hole is essentially new titles along the lines of FIFA: World Cup, UFC, a golf game, The Sims and Dragon Age. I would say that fills about two-thirds of the hole and the rest of the hole we would assume is being filled by this new, unannounced game."

Eurogamer speculated that Wilson could perhaps be referring to Visceral's upcoming Star Wars game with Amy Hennig (the creative director and writer of the Uncharted series) at the helm. With 'Star Wars: Episode 7' being a major buzz throughout Hollywood, trying to release a Star Wars-based game during this window would be a logical thing to do, but Visceral's game could easily launch prior to the movie's release for the sake of cross-promotion.

A logical guess for one of the six EA games to be unveiled would have to be the next Mass Effect, likely presented in the form of a vague teaser trailer with a 2015 launch window.

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