One of the writers from the Mass Effect series is crafting the story for EA's upcoming MOBA.

According to Polygon, Chris L'Etoile is writing the story for EA's narrative-focused massive online battle arena title, Dawngate. L'Etoile worked under series writers Mac Walters, Chris Hepler and Drew Karpyshyn to help scribe Mass Effect 1 and 2.

EA claims that the MOBA will have an ongoing graphic novel at the center of Dawngate's narrative which L'Etoile will write. This online comic's story will unfold according to your decisions. Waystone Games is seeking to put Dawngate up against the likes of the immensely popular League of Legends and Dota 2 MOBA games (with Blizzard's Heroes of the Storm on the horizon).

While no release date has been set, Dawngate recently entered beta testing as of last month. Waystone Games intends on having Dawngate enter the eSports arena by adding a spectator mode.