Duke Nukem II will be celebrating its 20th anniversary soon and to celebrate, the guys over at Interceptor Entertainment are bringing the party over to iOS and sending Duke back onto your iOS devices for a second time.

Everyone's favorite womanizing alien murderer previously blasted his way into the App Store with the port of Duke Nukem 3D. Which, by the way, you can get for FREE if you didn't already know.

Even though Duke 3D was a better and more defining game on the PC back in the 1990s, the port over to iOS, like many of the old first-person shooter ports, was a little lacking. There's something about trying to replicate that old interface that just doesn't work. D-pad controls on-screen feel clunky and your hands are always getting in the way.

But Duke Nukem II was a sidescroller and that plays really well on touchscreen devices. If you never played it yourself, take a look at the trailer below to see the game in action:

There's no details on an exact release date just yet. But when Duke does shoot his way into the App Store, you can expect to pony up two bucks if you want to join in the fun.

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