The Kickstarter project for Dreamfall Chapters: The Longest Journey is nearing its goal of $850,000 with a little under a month left to go! To celebrate, the developers at Red Thread released their first video update with prototype gameplay, showing us how the game will work.

Even in these very early stages, the game looks like it'll be an interesting adventure. Almost everything in the environment can be poked, prodded, and explored.

They touch on the hybrid interface that they're using to help players explore and interact with the world around them. Their belief is that the user interface shouldn't detract from the experience by adding a "layer" between the player and the objects.

Clicking on an object brings up a mini-radial menu which lets you know all of the different ways you can interact with it. Freedom of exploration and curiosity is what will drive the game and story forward, and the folks at Red Thread are hard at work to bring it to you.

Also, the background music is capable of making one think that there's nothing wrong in the world and that everything is made of awesome.

If you'd like to put up your money and help fund this project, visit the Kickstarter page here. Tell us in the comments if this kind of adventure game is one you'd love to play!