For the next Dragon Age: Inquisition update, BioWare is packing in the content, and is implementing a beta test to make sure it all goes to plan.

The fifth patch of Dragon Age: Inquisition will be launching a beta soon to make sure that everything is in tip top shape before its official release, the developer announced on its website. This patch will bring with it a huge amount of content -- Dragon Age's biggest patch to date. In an attempt to streamline patches and make them emerge from the development studio faster, BioWare is implementing this beta program as a way for players to help out in the testing process. The devs are hoping that this will make things faster, as well as bring new issues to light that its team might not see at first.

First at bat for testing is the Black Emporium, "a mysterious underground shop run by an immortal proprietor." This is where players can get awesome loot and even change their appearances. Some more additions include: an auto-attack key, adjustment to subtitles sizes and a shader quality setting for graphics options. In Skyhold, it's also adding party storage and a tinting system that players can use when crafting materials to change the look for their armors. There are also tons of other new features for future beta players to test out.

For now, we'll just have to wait for more information about the upcoming beta that will only be open to select PC players. No word on if or when any of these additions might find their way to the console versions.

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