The latest Dragon Age: Inquisition trailer focuses on the many choices we players will have to make throughout the game and the consequences they hold.

We knew that Dragon Age: Inquisition would be bulging with decisions to make, but as this trailer explains those choices start before we even start the game. Choosing specific genders, races, and classes will affect how NPCs treat us and what romance options we can pursue, adding a little more weight to how we might design our Inquisitors.

Story choices throughout the game will once again come with approval or disapproval from fellow Inquisition members, but sometimes a partner can get so frustrated with our choices that he or she will leave forever, putting us one warrior down. In addition, the War Table features lets us pool resources into certain tasks throughout Thedas without our being there, affecting how our eventual visit will play out.

There's a lot to absorb in this four-minute video, but choosing not to watch it will put you at a severe disadvantage when Dragon Age: Inquisition launches Nov. 18 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC.