Highly anticipated sequel Dragon Age: Inquisition isn't out for another week, so we're forced to survive on trailers and gameplay videos like this one.

While many are dying to get their hands on this very ambitious game, Dragon Age's trailers do not disappoint. Its most recent encompasses all of its past trailers into a complete look into the story behind the game. Previously, Dragon Age had released trailers that told the backstory to the world as well as introducing a few of the characters you will be able to play alongside. This one also offers a look at some epic battles with an equally epic soundtrack playing behind it.

It is a trailer rife with death, destruction, and (unsurprisingly) dragons. More than any of the previous trailers, this one shows the Inquisition battling together against the forces that have come forth from The Breach--essentially a massive hole someone poked in the atmosphere that let demons roam the earth. The trailer ends with the Inquisition getting into some serious battle-ready form to fight a deadly looking dragon.

You can watch the trailer above and be on the lookout for Dragon Age: Inquisition coming out for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 on Nov. 18.