PC gamers taking the war against the Red Templar in Dragon Age: Inquisition will be glad to know its latest patch fixes a lot of things, except Cassandra's hate for Varric.

BioWare has released the patch notes for its latest update to the PC version of Dragon Age: Inquisition. While most of these fixes iron out the small errors and minor glitches that are bound to happen in a game of this epic magnitude, we're legitimately hoping that some of these fixes happen to the console versions of the game as well. In particular, party members speak to one another a bit more frequently now to prevent those hours and hours of silence that tend to happen while exploring Orlais and Ferelden -- we highly suggest pairing up Iron Bull and Sera together to hear them talk.

Additional issues being addressed with this update include spawning hiccups for Solas and Dorian's personal quests, small multiplayer targeting glitches and a few tweaks to the various skill trees. While this patch has not yet gone live, you can read the full, comprehensive list of this Dragon Age: Inquisition patch on BioWare's official website.

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