EA showcased their upcoming BioWare RPG, Dragon Age: Inquisition with a stunning cinematic trailer, at their E3 press conference today. They also detailed the game's combat with a gameplay demo, and gave bios for four playable characters.

The demo shows a four-person team attacking a dragon in real-time combat mode. This new mode looks to be more action-based than any previous system found in a Dragon Age game, with players able to target individual limbs of the dragon. Spells and attacks look far more dynamic in Inquisition than in earlier games, with excellent fire effects and fluid animations. A top-down strategy mode, last seen in the PC version of Dragon Age Origins, returns to offer another combat option, but no footage of it was shown.

Four playable characters were detailed, giving us a look at the faces behind the Inquisition. Blackwall, a human Grey Warden, Cerra, an elf described as a "Wild-Card," Ironbone, a Qunari mercenary, and Vivienne, a sorceress of great power and ambition, will pit their steel and sorcery against the evil forces of Thedas when Dragon Age Inquisition launches on October 7.