Sony is launching the Retro Rush this week, which will see six never-before-seen in the U.S. PSOne classics to the States for the first time on the PlayStation 3, Vita and PSP.

Sony announced it was teaming with MonkeyPaw Games over on the PlayStation blog to bring some of these lost gems to the PSN over the course of the next six weeks. Things get started with Double Dragon, the fighting game based on the terrible movie adaptation. There are 12 different characters, including Bimmy Billy and Jimmy, Abobo, Marian and more.

Things close with the release of one of the most sought after import games of the era, Tomba! 2: The Evil Swine Return. All of the games in the promotion will be found under the PSOne Classics designation on the PlayStation Store. Check out the rest of the schedule, and get ready to experience classic games for the very first time.

  • January 14th – Double Dragon
  • January 21st – Lucifer Ring
  • January 28th – The Firemen 2: Pete and Danny
  • February 4th – Hyper Crazy Climber
  • February 11th – Wolf Fang
  • February 18th – Tomba! 2: The Evil Swine Return

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