Indie developers around the world have a new benchmark to aspire to as quirky walking simulator The Stanley Parable has reached the one million copies sold milestone, just after its first birthday. This is truly a victory for fans of weirdness everywhere.

The creator of the game, Davey Wreden, took to Twitter to announce the feat and thank the gaming faithful:

The voice of the Narrator, Kevan Brighting, also had some nice things to say about the achievement, luckily for us in the style of the great Narrator:

VG24/7 points out that the game recently went on sale to celebrate its launch one year ago, and that may have helped push it over the one million copy hump. We're not complaining, as everyone who enjoys video games should take a crack at the funny and interesting take on game development.

We get all warm and fuzzy inside when we hear about indie developer success stories like this. Read that Tweet from Davey Wreden again and tell us he doesn't sound truly humbled and blessed that his game succeeded the way it did. He says it himself: a year ago the name Davey Wreden wouldn't resonate with anyone, and now he's sold a million copies of what used to be a mod for Half-Life 2. Good on you Davey, and we look forward to whatever's next out of your brain.

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