Klei Entertainment is excited to announce that its new expansion, Don't Starve Together is coming to Steam Early-Access.

When Klei first started its experiment into Don't Starve Together, it was giving out codes manually to players who showed interest in the Beta. However, the response to the standalone multiplayer expansion of Don't Starve was kind of enormous. It seems that many people were convinced their ability to not starve was pretty high. Within a few days, it had over 80,000 registrations and despite continually giving out keys to people who signed up, Klei noticed that there were some people who were buying keys on back-market venues and it isn't cool with that.

So, instead, it opened up the game to Steam Early-Access to try and give people what they want without the wait. With Don't Starve Together's Frontier Pack you will get a copy of Don't Starve on Steam (for those who don't have one) as well as two copies of Don't Starve Together, the Beta Steam Early-Access. For players who don't already own Don't Starve on Steam, the Frontier Pack will cost $19.99, but for those who do it will only cost $4.99.

Klei is hoping that with the Frontier Pack, it will be giving players what they want at a reasonable cost starting Dec. 15 when the pack launches.

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