Harmonix has revealed the final song in the Rock Band downloadable content set list will be Don McLean's "American Pie."

After 275 weeks of consecutive updates, Harmonix is calling it quits on new DLC tracks for Rock Band. The developer has new games in the pipeline that need far more attention, and unfortunately continuing to put out new songs every week took up too many resources.

Speaking with Polygon at a PAX East party on Thursday night, Harmonix divulged the closing track that will put a cap on a 4000+ song DLC library. Don McLean's "American Pie" is arguably one of the greatest American rock songs of all time, and as a finale, there are few tracks that would have as much impact.

"American Pie" is still on track to arrive April 2nd, and will likely be the end of an era for music video games. What do you think of the final song? Which track do you wish would have been Rock Band's send off?