'Doctor Who' boss Russell T. Davies denied rumours the show would be collaborating Fortnite.

The BBC sci-fi programme has long been said to make a crossover with the Epic Games title, but the 60-year-old showrunner has insisted no such collaboration exists.

Responding to a fan on Instagram asking about a possible crossover with the two franchises, he wrote: "There isn't one! It's a complete myth, I'm afraid."

The BBC has also dismissed the rumours, with a spokesperson telling Eurogamer: "We have nothing in current development in 'Fortnite'."

Previously, industry insider iFireMonkey claimed the two properties would be crossing over in the battle royale title.

Taking to X, he said: "It has recently been brought to my attention that there have been discussions in regards to a potential collaboration between 'Fortnite' and 'Doctor Who'.

"Based on what I'm aware of, this would be a two week long event in game (using an event tab similar to Most Wanted or the Dragon Ball event) featuring a set of free rewards for completing challenges as well as item shop cosmetics.

"The Item Shop would feature 2 Skins, 2 Pickaxes, 1 Glider, and 1 Emote.

"There would also be a FREE Beep the Meep Spray as some sort of incentive for checking out the Creative map associated with this collaboration, while the image below isn't what the spray would be, it showcases Beep the Meep from 'Doctor Who', giving an idea of what this spray could look like/be designed around. (sic)"

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