This newest trailer of Disney Magical World reminds us of one of our favorite Nintendo franchises.

The trailer for Disney Magical World depicts some of the numerous things you're going to be doing in the Disney universe. Many of these actions, such as fishing, managing your own cafe, choosing outfits and altering the world, remind us of why we were addicted to Animal Crossing: New Leaf. Hopefully, Disney Magical World provides just as many open world jobs to do, and it looks like its well on its way.

Interacting with the likes of Peter Pan, Mickie and The Beast reminds us of the magic we first experienced with the Kingdom Hearts series. Nevertheless, Disney Magical World is shaping up to be a solid, enjoyable title for the 3DS for all ages and types of players to enjoy.

Disney Magical World is going to be putting Mickie ears on Nintendo 3DS players when it comes out on April 11.