Well, it’s about quackin’ time. Donald Duck is finally coming to Disney Infinity.

Disney released a new trailer announcing the fine feathered funny-fowl’s inclusion in Disney Infinity 2.0, showing the legendary duck throwing everything but the kitchen sink at Maleficent, sword-fighting alongside Aladdin (in full Three Caballeros gear) and racing against a light cycle in the lead float of Disneyland’s famous Main Street Electrical Parade. Donald even takes to the spaceways, piloting a flashy space fighter and a 'Pigs in Space' ship, indicating that Muppets may soon make an appearance in Disney Infinity. Disney does own the Muppets. Disney owns everything.

While Disney Infinity’s roster has grown by leaps and bounds since its launch in August of 2013, it’s largely populated by characters from newer Disney and Pixar films, like 'Lilo and Stitch', 'Frozen', 'The Incredibles' and the 'Pirates of the Caribbean' series. Soon Marvel’s super heroes will join the lineup, adding even more star-power to the title, but Disney’s classic animated characters are woefully under-represented. Of Disney’s six most venerable characters, only Mickey Mouse is playable so far, with Donald on the way. Minnie Mouse, Pluto, Daisy Duck and, most importantly, Goofy, are still awaiting their Infinity debuts. Here’s hoping we see a few of these classic figures soon.

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