Price Ali- fabulous he- Ali Ababwah and the lovely Princess Jasmine will soon join the huge Disney Infinity cast, fighting alongside Iron Man and Rocket Raccoon (there's a sentence you probably never expected to see). Regarding the addition of these two Disney favorites, Disney stated, "fans will be able to use these magical characters along with a variety of Disney fan favorites, including the popular Marvel Super Heroes, and hundreds of themed items, locations, props, vehicles and more to create all-new adventures and 'whole new worlds' born from the imagination of players."

No mention was made about additional level creation options or items, so it seems that Aladdin and Jasmine will just be bringing themselves to the fray for use in the Toy Box. If you were hoping to recreate the Cave of Wonders or Agrabah, you'll have to settle for the cobbled-together versions we see in the trailer.

While it's great that Aladdin and Jasmine will be joining Disney Infinity, it does seem odd that its developers waited so long to add them, and even more odd that they would choose to release them several months apart. The street rat will be available at an unspecified date during the fall, and the princess will join him at an even more unspecified date in early 2015.

Disney Interactive