The rumored Dishonored DLC "Other Side of the Coin" may be coming sooner than we think as Bethesda has just teased new content.

On the company's Twitter, Bethesda released a screenshot of Daud's Whalers ready to strike on the Empress and Corvo in the gazebo. If you'll recall, that's the very opening of the game, but portrayed through the antagonist's perspective. That would go well in hand with the title "Other Side of the Coin."

The add-on has yet to be officially revealed, and there is no price or date set for it yet. Getting to play through a selection of the game's missions as the bad guys would certainly be an interesting challenge, and we're curious to see just how much of the game will be replicated to battle against Corvo.

Perhaps Bethesda will have some more info on this prospective new content at PAX East.