Corvo Attano's going to have to step up his game, because the Dunwall City Trials downloadable content for Dishonored is now available and will test the mettle of all you would-be assassins.

A post on the Bethesda blog confirms that the add-on pack has gone live for PC and XBox 360, with the PS3 download going up later in the day. The DLC costs $4.99 in the PlayStation Store and Steam, while the Xbox 360 download is priced at 400 Microsoft Points. The add-on is currently available for North America only, with a European release set for December 19, 2013.

Dunwall City Trials will run your reflexes and combat abilities through the gauntlet with 10 new challenge maps, so flex those fingers and upgrade those powers! Watch the video below for a preview of what you'll be up against in the DLC.